DA-IICT Admissions Application Jul ’13 - Sept ’14

The application suite generates merit-lists and wait-lists of candidates based on their stream preferences and merit ranks. The suite handles all candidate applications, candidate specific emails (handled via templates), and provides an admin reporting interface. The application has been in use since 2013. The application is programmed in python using the Django framework.

College Course Projects

ScratchFS Mar ’13 - Apr ’13
(Operating Systems)

A filesystem kernel module for linux kernel v2.4. The file system included support for read/write operation and directories.

Personal Scrapbook Jan ’13 - Apr ’13
(Software Engineering)

A tool to snip articles from websites and store them in cloud storage. Comprised of a browser extension and a web application. The technologies used were Python, Django and MongoDB.

Note-Sync Mar ’12 - Apr ’12
(Systems Software)

A utility that monitors text files, using inotify on Linux and kqueues on Mac, and syncs them over the network when updated. The server and client daemons were written in C.

Remote Controlled Car Feb ’11 - Apr ’11
(Introduction to Communication Systems)

Designed a car that could be controlled via RF as well as infrared.

College Course Reports

Polymerase Chain Reaction Nov ’12
(Introduction to Bio-Technology)

The report explained the polymerase reaction and compared it to gene cloning. (6 pages, link to pdf)

Energy Efficient Buildings, In Indian Context Feb ’12 - Apr ’12
(Environmental Studies)

The report suggested practises to maximise the energy efficiency of buildings using environment friendly building designs. (37 pages, link to pdf)

Aakash - World’s Cheapest Tablet PC Oct ’11 - Nov ’11
(Science, Technology and Society)

The report analysed, how the launching of the world’s cheapest Tablet-PC, ‘Aakash’, would affect the Indian society. Conducted field study at Adalaj, Kukadajagat, Tarapur and Gandhinagar. (10 pages)