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About me

I am a PhD candidate at The Pennsylvania State University and part of the SIIS lab. My research focuses in OS Kernel Security, specifically Linux. My advisor is Trent Jaeger.

My research interests are in Systems Security and Operating Systems. Currently, I am working on collecting control-flow traces of user-space programs using Intel® Processor Trace. My goal is to explore new metrics and techniques for system monitoring in order to defend against zero days.


  • PhD Student in Computer Science
  • (exp.) May 2022

at The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA.
GPA = 3.85 (of 4)

  • B.Tech. in Information and Communication Technology
  • 2014

from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute, Gujarat, India.
GPA = 9.52 (of 10) in major; 8.55 overall


Automatic Generation of Compact Printable Shellcodes for x86
Dhrumil Patel, Aditya Basu, Anish Mathuria. In 14th USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT).
[ link | ppt | code | acceptance rate = 33.33%, or 12/36 ]
Hardware Assisted Buffer Protection Mechanisms for Embedded RISC-V
Asmit De, Aditya Basu, Swaroop Ghosh, Trent Jaeger. In IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems.
[ doi | impact factor = 2.168 ]
FIXER: Flow Integrity Extensions in Embedded RISC-V
Asmit De, Aditya Basu, Swaroop Ghosh and Trent Jaeger. In Proceedings of Design, Automation and Test in Europe (DATE).
[ doi | acceptance rate = 24% ]
Automatic Generation of Compact Alphanumeric Shellcodes for x86
Aditya Basu, Anish Mathuria, Nagendra Chowdary. In Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Information Systems Security (ICISS).
[ doi | ppt | code | acceptance rate = 19%, or 25/129 ]


  • Added support for Intel VT-d to the Akaros kernel from UC Berkeley.
  • This allows any PCI/PCIe device to be placed in the address space of a process or a VM.
  • Also wrote a driver for Intel CBDMA (DMA accelerator on Intel, a.k.a IOAT). The driver was used to test the VT-d support.
    [ my commits | language: C ]
  • Worked on securing and pen-testing the ES8’s (SUV) firmware and OBD-II diagnostics port.
  • Additionally, I wrote a driver for an on-board network switch and created patches to fix the discovered vulnerabilities.
    [ languages: C, Python ]
  • Automated and managed their web crawling infrastructure that served >100 million requests/day.
  • Helped with campus recruiting efforts.
  • For new employees, I took training sessions on Advanced Linux and Networking.
    [ tools: Bash, Puppet, Ansible, AWS automation | languages: C, Python, Java ]
  • Single-handedly created the admission portal for the university.
  • The portal is capable of generating merit-lists and wait-lists of candidates based on their stream preferences and test scores.
  • The portal also handles all emails communications, and provides a unified web interface for both the candidates & the admissions team.
    [ frameworks: Django | languages: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript ]


>10k SLOC
C • Python • bash • LaTeX (macros) • HTML
5k — 10k SLOC
Django • Puppet • Ansible • Java • CSS
make • git • Docker • strace • gdb
Linux • Mac OS X • Markdown